Jai Mata Ki


Abs Power Yoga :

Yoga system for most powerful people !

'Abs Yoga Teacher Training Course' yoga class by Sunil Dahiya

Based on MAHARISHI PATANJALI's teaching, a powerful traditional yoga practice which activates your power hidden within, stimulating your endocrine system to secrete happy hormones by 'somato-psychic approach' is called Abs Power Yoga.

A typical ABS Power yoga class is compriseing of body balancing, stretching & body lifting asana to balance your emotions, feel good & to give you the strength. Abs Power Yoga is suitable for intermediate & advanced practiceners, sports men, young, independent, energetic, challenge oriented people.

The most powerful yoga ever ! ABS Power Yoga is implementation of scientific understanding of traditional practices of yoga for complete muscle workout, balancing the hormones, activating energy centers, building Core Power, Brain Power and Muscle Power along with abdominal 6 packs.

It is not merely best kind of exercises or set of good looking postures rather it is based on "SOMATO-Psychic approach" & all physical benefits like strength, endurance & flexibility including therapeutic effects are just by-products in these practices.

"If you really want to understand it, Practice and feel your+self !"
-Sunil Dahiya

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